Date: 18th March 2018 at 12:19pm
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It’s been a hectic first few weeks at Oxford United for new owner Sumrith Thanakarnjanasuth known as Tiger.

On Wednesday last week HMRC issued Oxford United with a winding up petition.

The outgoing board of directors and Darryl Eales would have known about monies owed by Oxford United for some time. However their lack of action has meant that Tiger in his 2nd week at the helm has acted swiftly to rectify the issue the club finds itself in.

On Thursday Tiger sanctioned the payment, but charges will be added on that which could have been avoided.

Officers at the club would have known about the bill for at least a couple of months before it got to this stage.

Court Fee £1180 (broken down into £280 – court fees and £1,600 petition deposit)

Serving Proceedings is the term for having a legal document ‘served` personally. The current fee for this ranges from £75-£100.

Advertising Costs – It costs £79.40 plus VAT to advertise the winding up petition in the London, Edinburgh or Belfast Gazette (if required).

Although no serious harm will be done to Oxford United Tiger will not be impressed he’s inherited an issue that could and should have been resolved under the stewardship of Darryl Eales.


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